CIC Social Media Request Form
This form is a tool to help you communicate any information with CIC that is worth posting on any of our varied social media platforms. We're delighted that you'd like to share your achievements, interests, hobbies, challenges, news and humblebrags with the CIC community!

Please keep in mind that any content entered into this form will be taken as a suggestion to be reviewed for how closely it aligns with CIC's social media mission. We are particularly interested in content that helps drive the innovation ecosystem. As a company, CIC's mission is to help innovators and entrepreneurs to be better connected to each other and to resources around them, and to be more productive than they would be in isolation.

Our platforms include:
-The CIC Newsletter (reserved for events happening at CIC and client news)
-CIC's Facebook pages (i.e. Cambridge and Boston)
-CIC's Twitter handles (@CICNow, @CICCambridge, @CICBoston, @CIC_StLouis, @CIC_Miami, @CIC_Rotterdam)

The platform on which your content is displayed may be tweaked, rethought or expanded at the discretion of our social media team as we review your suggestion.

Thanks a lot, we can't wait to spread the word!

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