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This is a rotating review team. It does NOT guarantee an advanced review copy with each release. All questions must be answered or your application will be disqualified.
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I must advise you that my assistant keeps track of those who request review copies and checks to see if you actually post a review. Sorry, but those who fail to post reviews won't be eligible for free ARCS in the future. My assistant is very picky about this. *
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I understand that purchasing a copy is not required but is highly suggested as Amazon gives more rating weight to "verified reviews". *
I understand each ARC is coded to prevent piracy. *
I understand that should I fail to respond to 3 invites I will be removed from the team. *
I understand that should I fail to leave reviews for an arc I received (3 in a row) that I am subject to removal from the team. *
I already "like" (or will "like") Karla's Facebook Author page.  https://www.facebook.com/KarlaKratovilauthor *
If you have any questions please email deefosterpa@gmail.com
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