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Let us know about your experiences regarding social justice in the craft classroom. Feel free to answer as many or few questions as you would like.
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Have you studied art/craft within an institutional context? If so, what years were you a student and what type of program did you study at (university, community center, arts highschool, etc)?
Did you notice these issues: a lack of robust, critical conversation in the studio classroom around hot button political and social issues? If so, what do you think lead to this deficit?
Educators: Do you have any strategies that you use in the classroom to overcome these issues? Do you have any particular project or aspect of your curriculum specifically meant to facilitate these discussions? Do you provide guidelines for the conversations/ critique that surround politically or socially charged work?
Students and Artists: Was/is social practice, activist art, and work that tackles social and political issues covered in art and craft history courses at your institution? Were these topics ever a point of conversation, prompt, or critical framework for projects in your studio courses?
Students and Artists: When/if you or your peers were creating socially engaged, activist, or work that tackles hot button issues such as race, class, sexuality, etc., do you feel that your instructors provided framework or guidelines that allowed for a robust critical dialogue about the work and did not shy away from the issues?
Are there particular educators, artists, writings, exhibitions or programs that we should know about? Please tell us about any resources you feel might be helpful.
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