2020-2021 ASB Member Application
Updated: April 3,2020
Please complete all fields, as indicated by the star.
Please be prepared to complete the entire document in one session,(required maximum time 30 minutes) which includes providing personal information and answering short answer questions. At the end, you will also be asked to email a picture of yourself to comptontarbabeasb@gmail.com a copy of your 1st semester grades of the 2019-2020 School Year . Grades and Picture MUST be E-Mailed to comptontarbabeasb@gmail.com

Interviews will be schdudled

You must complete this application by May 8,2020 You will be notified of your admission by or before
July 1st,2020

A brief Interviews will be required via Zoom.
Interviews will be scheduled between May 18th – June 20th,2020
Interview details will be E-Mailed out the week of May 11-15,2020

Requirements for ASB Members:

Grades: In order to be in ASB, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA and receive NO U in citizenship per semester. If your GPA drops or if you receive any unsatisfactory marks in citizenship or attendance while in ASB. You will be placed on academic probation or removed from your duties.

Lunch Period: All ASB students must be available to have meetings during lunch for the 2020-2021 school year. These will only take place when matters cannot be resolved during a regular ASB Meeting.

Mandatory Activities: Throughout the year there will be many mandatory activities to
participate in. These include lunch activities, parades, weekend events, athletic games etc…
(No Excuses)
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