BSBI Aquatic Plant Field Training Days - Northern Ireland
We are holding 9 days of field-based identification training and recording on aquatic plants in September, thanks to funding from CEDaR. All are welcome to join, from beginners to experienced botanists. The days will be led by Nick Stewart. Meeting time is 10 am each day, and days will run until approximately 4 pm, with an option to stay later for those who wish to continue recording. We will meet at a central location then explore various sites each day to learn identification and record what we find. Dates and meeting points are as follows:

Sat. September 7: Antrim, Toome and Lough Beg
Meet at car park at Antrim Marina (Grid Ref: J134866 or Lat. 54.714974, Long. -6.2400846)

Sun. September 8: Lough Neagh (SE) and Montiaghs
Meet at Bartin’s Bay car park W of Aghalee (Grid Ref: J074657 or Lat. 54.528957, Long. -6.3411174)

Mon. September 9: Lough Neagh (SW)
Meet at Maghery Country Park (Grid Ref: H924636 or Lat. 54.512511, Long. -6.5739311)

Tue. September 10: Lakes of SE Tyrone
Meet on W side of Ballysaggart Lough (a.k.a. Black Lough), on a lay-by of B45 at the outskirts of Dungannon
(Grid Ref: H791613 or Lat. 54.494002, Long. -6.7802122)

Wed. September 11: Lakes of S Armagh
Meet at car park at E end of Lough Ross (Grid Ref: H891153 or Lat. 54.079569, Long. -6.6398271)

Thur. September 12: Fermanagh. Lower Lough Erne and adjacent lakes to east.
Meet in car park by lakeshore at Ely Lodge Forest on Enniskillen/Belleek road. (Grid Ref: H179515 or Lat. 54.411894, Long. -7.7250320)

Fri. September 13: bookings closed

Sat. September 14: Fermanagh. Castlecaldwell, Lough Scolban.
Meet at car park in Castlecaldwell Forest (Grid Ref: H015604 or Lat. 54.492584, Long. -7.9775987)

Sun. September 15: Fermanagh. Lough Navar Forest Lakes.
Meet in car park at entrance to Lough Navar Forest Park (Grid H074547 or Lat. 54.440612, Long. -7.8864994)

Please complete the form below and tick each day you would like to attend. Each day is limited to 10 people - we will confirm by email if you have a place.

Please also read below for details of what to bring and safety information. There is space for you to submit optional emergency contact and medical information.

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For each day you should bring the following:
- Suitable clothing for all weather conditions (eg, waterproofs, hat, suncream)
- Packed lunch
- Hand lens
- ID books
- CLEAN wellies and/or waders

BSBI will provide handbooks to use on Potamogeton (Pondweeds), Callitriche (Water-starwort) and Charophytes (Stoneworts), grapnel for fishing out material, and trays to put specimens in to study. Disinfectant spray for boots will also be available on the day (for biosecurity purposes). To get the most out of a day with a highly experienced aquatic botanist, you may want to set aside some time before and/or after the event to prepare &/or follow up.
Health & Safety
You attend any BSBI field day at your own risk, however a safety talk will be held at the beginning of each day. Standard risks to keep in mind include, but are not limited to:
- Slips and trips, especially when walking in mud or water and over uneven ground
- Ticks/lyme disease
- Rodents/weil's disease

There is space below to provide information which may be useful in case of emergency. This is optional and will be deleted after any events you attend.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch before the event.
Please provide details of an emergency contact (this information will be deleted after the event)
Please let us know about any allergies or conditions which may be relevant in case of emergency (this information will be deleted after the event)
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