Suggest a theme for OGIP's Research Series
OGIP wants to ensure our research series remains relevant to the most pressing concerns of youth, and highlights innovative solutions to complex challenges in peace and security. Research Series themes are selected by OGIP's Research Group which is made up of previous contributors. The Research Group will assess themes against the following criteria:

1. Relevance: Is the theme current and topical? Will the theme sustain interest over the next year of publication?

2. Impact: Will research produced on this theme be useful for hands-on advocacy work?

3. Diversity of topic:  Is there scope for a wide range of people to contribute to this research? For example, the theme should not be limited to a specific geographic region, but should be more widely applicable. The theme should also not be heavily academic to ensure inclusion of all types of practitioners and scholars.

4. Diversity of content: Does the theme allow for a broad array of contributions through different methodologies, disciplines and formats?

5. Mission statement: Does this theme serve OGIP's mission?
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