Youth Exchange: "B!OK: Bio Active Youth" - Application form  
Dear Participant,

By fulfilling this form you are formalizing your application to the activities of the Youth Exchange "B!OK: Bio Active Youth" that will take place in Gaeiras (Óbidos, Portugal) from 25th of June 2018 to 1st of July 2018 under the Erasmus+ program.

Project Summary: “B!OK: Bio Active Youth" is a Youth Exchange promoted by JVG (Portugal) and 5 other European partners taking place in Óbidos in April 2018. It will bring together 30 young (18-30) and aims to promote healthy habits, explain the importance of daily physical activity in our lives, healthy eating and healthy nutrition, consumption and production of biological products, aiming to fight nowadays diseases like obesity and diabetes in order to achieve a more healthy and happy lifestyle. The project will work this areas: healthy lifestyle within a framework of sustainable development. It will use non/formal education methods and will promote, during a week, the awareness to the relevance of sports, healthy food, sustainable means of production, permaculture and environmental awareness, in accordance with the objectives of Erasmus+ and the 2020 horizon.

Project Objectives:
- Promote sustainable lifestyles, especially among the youth;
- Enhance critical thinking with special focus on low density urban areas;
- Increase interaction and intercultural relations, enhancing cooperation and sustainability;
- Increase the participation of young people in the development of local communities and in the creation of policies of sustainable development (structured dialogue);
- Create awareness for the Erasmus+ Programme and increase the participation of young people in it;
- Increase the life quality of young people and promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles at an European Level.

Youth Exchange Participants Profile:
5 persons by country - residents from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, Italy and Hungary.
- Age Indicators: 1 Group Leader by Country with no age Limits;
                              4 Participants (between 18 and 25)

- Gender balanced groups of 5 participants from each country.
- Interested in physical activity, organic farming and environmental sustainability
- Willing to adapt to an healthy and sustainable lifestyle during the project. This means being comfortable with having some vegetarian meals and participating in cooking and farming activities.  
- Being able to express themselves in english language

Maximum budged available for travel costs by participant and by country are the following:
Portugal - 20€
Spain - 180€
Greece - 360€
Poland - 360€
Italy  - 360€
Hungary - 360€

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program and travel costs are available according to the distance band calculator ( and values for KA1 Youth Exchanges.

Reimbursements will be done by bank transfer after the Youth Exchange, upon the presentation of full proofs of the travel expenses, original tickets, boarding passes, etc.
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