Eco friendly parenting needs survey
This survey forms part of a National Lottery Funded project under “Together for our Planet” grants within East Lancashire. This project supports families to look at a more sustainable and eco friendly way with parenting, this anonymous survey is to form a report into the needs and thoughts of parents in East Lancashire. Your response can’t be removed once submitted. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at
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What area do you live?
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What is your household income?
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How old are you?
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How old are your children? (Tick all that apply)
What is your ethnicity?
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How do you feel about climate change?
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Really worried
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How do you feel climate change impacts your life?
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Daily impact
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How much would you like to improve your own impact on the environment?
Not at all
Very much
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Do you think the following could do more?
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Local governments
National governments
Global unions
Small business
Medium business
Large businesses
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What do you do, as a family, to lessen your impact on the planet? (Tick all that apply)
What would you like to do more of to help the planet? (Tick all that apply)
Is there anything that stops you from reducing your carbon footprint? (Tick all that apply)
Tell us some more, in your own words about climate change and climate action. What do you need or want as a family to be able to combat climate change? Or any comments you have on this topic.
Thankyou for taking part.
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