Petition to Rehire Luz Rosello
Last fall, Luz Rosello was unfairly discriminated against, mistreated, and subsequently fired from her position with C&W services at Tufts. The termination of Ms. Rosello was simply illegal as it violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 which prohibits gender discrimination on the basis of pregnancy. Ms. Rosello was eligible for three months of maternity leave and reduced work while pregnant, yet she was told if she did not return to work two weeks after giving birth she would no longer have a job. Additionally, when she requested reduced work, she was told that this was not possible because of a shortage of staff. Instead, she was given three extra buildings to clean with no help from her manager (even when she asked for assistance), and was not allowed to take leave until nine days before her due date. Then, in February, she was suddenly fired without warning or reason besides a short letter claiming there was not enough work for her. This is a clear contradiction to C&W’s reasons for denying Ms. Rosello’s rights in the fall.

By firing Ms. Rosello, C&W services has left a newborn child and her mother without financial support. As students at Tufts, we benefit daily from the services provided by our janitors, and we all know our university could not function without them. Discrimination like this has no place in any community, as it undermines our values and is shameful for our fellow students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Given the upcoming negotiations between C&W and Tufts University, as well as contract negotiations with janitors next fall, we must recognize that incidents like this are not isolated or uncommon.

We the undersigned demand an end to instances of racial and gender discrimination, as it is an illegal practice, and we DEMAND that Luz Rosello is rehired.

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