McKinney North Student Parking Application 2021- 2022
The following information is required to process and receive a parking permit:
- Student parking application
- Copy of current proof of insurance
- Copy of current driver's license with photo identification
- Seniors Only - - Copy of parking spot design form
- $60 fee for registration and permit ($30 as of January 2022)

By completing the following information you acknowledge the following rules and regulations

1. I understand an immobilizing boot will be put on my vehicle if permit is not clearly displayed on the back
window in the lower corner on the passenger side.
2. I understand it is my responsibility to display my permit # on the vehicle(s) listed below.
3. I understand it is my responsibility to keep my parking application updated.
4. I understand I will pay a $30.00 fee each time the boot is removed from my vehicle(s).
5. I understand driving on campus is a privilege and not a right.
6. I understand this privilege will be revoked for improper use of any vehicle on campus.
7. I will drive safely and responsibly at all times on campus.
8. I will promptly exit my vehicle and enter the building after entering the parking lot.
9. School officials have the right to revoke or suspend my on-campus driving privileges for excessive tardies
or unexcused absences.
10. School officials have the right to revoke or suspend my on-campus driving privileges for one or more
11. I understand school officials have the right to search my vehicle when there is reasonable suspicion.
12. Areas of search will include, but not limited to, passenger compartment, all containers, locked or unlocked,
and the undercarriage.
13. I will park in the student parking lot on the north side of the building in designated parking spots. I
understand I may not park in a painted or numbered reserved senior parking spot.

The following applies to SENIORS ONLY who wish to purchase a reserved parking spot. I hereby agree to abide by all of the following rules and regulations corresponding to my privilege of having a reserved painted parking spot:

- Upon purchasing my parking spot I will only use the paint colors listed below.
- Home Depot: Rich Navy GLB25 and Behr Dragon Fire – mixed as concrete paint.
- Lowe’s: Mystified 4011-8 and Valspar floor and porch paint Island Orange (mixed as concrete paint)
- White and Black (outline ONLY) (mixed as concrete paint)
- I will only paint within the marked parking space that I selected and will never paint elsewhere.
- I must bring my own brushes and painting supplies to decorate my spot.
- You MUST paint your assigned parking spot number in the bottom middle of the space.
- I will paint only school appropriate designs.
- I understand that I am limited to the advertised painting days, which will be emailed. All painting must be
complete within these days.
- If I do not abide by all of these rules, I understand my parking spot will be taken away and will be painted
over, and I will NOT receive a refund.
- If I park in someone else’s painted parking spot, I may be subject to disciplinary action.

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