FCC Poll on the Future of VIEW: Writing & Art by Chinese Adoptees
Dear FCC Community,

FCC’s journal VIEW (formerly, the FCC Kids’ Issue), showcasing art and writing by Chinese adoptees, has been co-published for more than a decade by FCC of Greater New York, FCC New England, and FCC Northern California. Perhaps your own art, or if you’re a parent, your child’s art has been featured there. We invite you here to share your opinions on VIEW to help us better to support members like you and your families.

With the loss of one of our cosponsors, Northern California, which disbanded last year, we need your input to help us plan for the future of VIEW.

We encourage you, and any member of your family who has seen VIEW—we especially want opinions from adoptees of all ages in your household, as well as parents—to take a few minutes to send us their feedback via this poll.

We ask for your e-mail address in this survey so that we can:
1) e-mail you a copy of your poll response (and give you the chance to edit your answers)
2) to respond to any questions you may have posed in the poll; and
3) to have a contact for the prize raffle! Two lucky winners will receive a prize for completing this survey by March 31st!
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