Baldwin City Community Mural Online Voting -- ONE VOTE PER PERSON, PLEASE
The Baldwin City Community Mural Committee is making plans for our third mural! This mural will be at 705 8th Street. Learn about the three proposed mural design concepts below. Let us know what you'd like to see on the wall by voting for your favorite! ONE VOTE PER PERSON.

We are collecting email addresses to help us limit the voting to one vote per person and to help us build a list of folks interested in the mural project. Yes, you could cheat by voting under multiple email addresses, but we're asking that you please honor the ONE VOTE PER PERSON rule.

Any email communications we send will have an option to remove yourself from the mailing list. Voting ends June 19th. YOU CAN COME AND SEE THE MURAL DESIGNS IN MORE DETAIL AT THE LUMBERYARD ARTS CENTER. They will be displayed in the classrooms during our gallery hours (Tuesday-Friday 1-4pm, Saturday 9am-noon) through June 19th. Thank you for your interest and support!

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This is where the final mural design will appear!
All Aboard Design by Lisa Slavin
The purpose of this design is to inform the viewer about various amenities our town has for visitors or people that may be thinking of moving to this area. The tourism committee is working hard to promote the history and attractions offered such as: Midland Railway and all of the events it provides in a year, the charm of downtown and the neighborhoods. The fine arts vibe and shopping throughout the town. The scenic beauty and outdoor activities such as biking and running trails, fishing and camping at the area lakes, and the historical sites. The mural uses icons incorporated into the design to suggest these features. The Sadie engine from Midland railway is in the background, a couple enjoying the downtown is in the foreground and a flowering vine frames the scene and trials off to the outer edges of the wall. To make the mural interactive, a maple leaf icon is hidden in the mural, viewers would be encouraged to search for it, thus studying the mural and all of its components.
All Aboard Design image by Lisa Slavin
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Sunflowers Design by Meg Cundiff
Sunflowers are such a great source of color and beauty and inspiration. They always catch my eye and never cease to make me slow down and smile! In this mural I wanted to express all the amazing, charming small town qualities I find in Baldwin City: kindness, community, history, nature, animals, farming, education, and a million more!!! I scattered little quotes throughout the mural to remind people to enjoy life and nature and the gracious community we are so lucky to have here in Baldwin City.
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Welcome Map Design by Maggie Swanson
The mural consists of a geographical location and characteristics of Baldwin City. That is why the mural features the actual streets of the town, local plants, an ox and a fox which are both indigenous to the area. The fox especially since it can be seen all over Baldwin. I have even seen one walking down the sidewalk.

The ox represents the community. Much like the ox, the people here are hard working, part of a team that works together for something better and much larger than themselves. The Fox represents Baker University and the students. Foxes represent wisdom, which reflects those who are choosing to better themselves with higher education. The mural itself is an aerial view of the streets of Baldwin City. The focus is set on the center diamond, which is surrounded by some of the best greenery and flowers of the area.

Welcome Map image by Maggie Swanson
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