Shared Zine Library Catalog: Library Survey
For several years, a group of zine librarians from collections in public, collective, and academic spaces have been working toward building an online catalog where readers and researchers could search all of our zine collections at once. This survey is intended to gather information about our individual collections to better anticipate what kinds of metadata and system considerations a shared catalog would need to take into account. We'd love your feedback and input if you are interested in sharing it; participation is entirely voluntary. Data from the survey will not be shared in such a way that your responses could be linked to any personally identifying (or institution-identifying) information you choose to share with us. The survey responses will be maintained in a spreadsheet accessible only to Jenna Freedman and Madeline Veitch (names, or just numbers here? other folks?)
What kind of Library or Collection(s) do you work with?
(Please check all that apply)
Would you be in favor of having your library or zine collection records included in a shared catalog, available to all searchers on the web?
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What (if anything) would you be psyched about with a shared catalog?
What (if any) would your concerns be?
What kind of system do you use for your records?
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Would it be possible to export records from your current system in comma separated value (.csv) form?
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An encoding standard is a set of fields or bits of code used to organize information about a zine so it can be more easily read by an organizational program (like an integrated library system). Do the data elements in your records conform to a particular encoding standard? (i.e. do you use a specific set of fields or bits of code to denote that a certain string of words represents the title or author?)
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How many records do you have in total (approximately)?
Do you make records for individual zines, series, or groups of zines in collections?
If you use a combination of individual, series, or collection-level records, for what reasons do you create records at these different levels?
If you do describe zines at the collection level, what's true for your library:
What rules or guidelines do you use in describing aspects of a zine such as title, physical characteristics, or the place it was produced?
What kinds of information do you regularly include in your records?
If you add subjects, what group of terms / thesauri do you use?
Can zines in your collection be checked out?
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Would you be willing to interlibrary loan your zines to users from outside your immediate area who found out about titles you had using the Union Catalog?
What else should we be thinking about in undertaking this project? Do you have other comments, ideas, concerns?
Really - don't hold back!
Totally optional, would you like to share what library or collection you work with, and how we might get in touch with you?
Your name / Library name, email, phone number, whatever you're willing to share.
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