Fat Kid Dance Party Tour Host Committees
I teach weekly in LA so because of plane tickets and lodging tours need to be well-attended or sponsored in order for me to book them! If you want Fat Kid Dance Party to come to your town here's a great trio of things that can help:

*Sponsor me to come! Do you have a body positive business and want to sponsor a tour stop? Do you have a university or retreat center nearby that needs my kind of programming around self care, self love, healing from body oppression, movement classes, health at every size? Leave your info and let's chat!

*Be part of a host committee! We need about 25 tickets sold to make it happen, can you get a group together to do it? Can you be part of a group? Are you already in an organized plus size community you can help amplify to? Let's collab!

*You can commit to buying a ticket if I come!

Tour info will always be updated at FatKidDanceParty.com If I don't come to you, consider coming to the Fat Kid Dance Party retreat! Nov 2-4, save the date!

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