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This is designed to assist in designing your optimal food plan
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Any wearable technology and training apps/software you currently use to track, monitor, manage your training & health?
Having some objective measures is KEY to making progress that matters
Have you had a DEXA scan or other body composition assessment?
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How many steps do you average per day? If you have a smart phone, it will tell you.
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Hours of exercise per week (take the time to accurately work out what you actually do, not what you think you do, please) *
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On average how many minutes do you spend on Weights per session?
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How many cardio sessions do you do per week?
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On average how many minutes do you spend on Cardio per session?
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Is there a body part/area that you want an additional focus towards?
Are you currently working with a personal trainer/S&C coach?
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Are the strength and/or cardio sessions:- Class based? - Sessions you or a trainer/coach have constructed?
What type of exercise do you do?
How many years have you been strength training for?
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Are you proficient at the following movements? Barbell squat, barbell front squat, barbell deadlift, chin-up, bench press *
Any exercises you do not do or cannot do? *
Do you have a training partner?
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This lets me understand your habits a little bit better.
My food preference is: *
These are the foods I prefer to eat for breakfast *
These are the foods I prefer to eat for lunch & dinner *
These are the foods I prefer to eat for snacks *
My weakness is......
These are the foods I dislike or refuse to eat *
I have a real food allergy *
I get adverse symptoms (bloating, coughing, reactions etc) from these foods *
I take the following supplements *
I am happy to weigh food (at least initially) to gain an understanding of portion size? *
I prefer simple recipes that are quick and easy? *
I use online grocery shopping weekly *
I often find I run out of food in the house by the end of the week *
Alcohol, sleep and caffeine
Alcohol - what, how often and how much do you drink?
Do you have difficulty sleeping?
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How many hours on average do you get per night?
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How many cups coffee per day do you drink?
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What is the latest time you drink coffee?
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Anything you want to add to assist the process?
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