Virtual Coffee Shop: An Online Writing Community for Grad Students & Postdocs
Balancing the well-being of ourselves, our families, and our communities alongside our writing/research priorities (upcoming finals, deadlines, defense/exam dates, etc.) has become so much more complicated by this new context. Writing alongside others and having an accountability network are best practices for academic writing, and we assume they are even more important at a moment like this one. That being said, the time and coordination they require made these habits difficult to practice even before the pandemic.

So, we created a Virtual Coffee Shop in Slack, a space in which we hope graduate students and postdocs can regularly connect with each other (and themselves) about their writing. We'll have space to set weekly goals, do pomodoros together, connect in small stage-based groups, and share fun stuff. This community is open to UMass graduate students and postdocs working on writing, and we define “writing” to include any work you need to do before you write, like reading and lab work.

If you are feeling curious and/or excited, please register here! On Friday, we'll send out two emails, one from OPD with information about the group, and one directly from Slack with an invitation link to the workspace.

We hope to see you in the Coffee Shop!
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