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It is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our students, our personnel and our community. With that in mind, we require all members of the AC Family who travel outside the Panhandle since Monday, March 16th to complete this simple form.

Due to the escalation to Phase II in our COVID-19 Action Plan, we have altered our travel-tracking guidelines. It is now mandatory that all members of our faculty and staff disclose information about any travel outside the Panhandle over spring break.

This information, detailing precisely where you’ve been, may prove immensely beneficial for our College and our community should a COVID-19 outbreak occur – locally or where you have recently been.

When a patient does test positive for the disease, it triggers a public response known as “contact tracing.” It’s a critical tool allowing public health officials to backtrack the patient’s movements. Contract tracing allows public health officials to connect with those who may be infected and encourage the appropriate steps.
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