MIT Global Startup Lab Program: Nepal
Join the MIT-Global Startup Labs program this summer to gain technical and entrepreneurship skills! This is not a typical class - it's an intensive bootcamp where you will work in teams to develop and ultimately launch a web- or mobile-app startup. Gain access to mentorship, investors, contacts, and seed funding during the final Demo Day presentation.

This is an intensive 7-week course from the evening of June 15 to August 3, 2018. Students must commit to attending the following program events:
- Opening ceremony on the evening of June 15
- Week retreats from June 15 - 24(@Gokarna Forest Resort; Lodging provided on-site) and July 30 - August 3(@Hayatt
Regency; Lodging provided on-site)
-Regular workshop from June 25-July 29(@ Hotel Himalayan; Participants will be required to commute)
- Program regular workshops Tuesday-Friday at 5pm-9pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm from June 25 - August 3
- Demo Day on August 2

To apply, students must complete this online application and submit a 1-minute video (directions described on the final page of this application. You may save and edit your application until the application deadline.

This application is due by 23:59 on May 13, 2018.
Applicants will be notified of acceptance by June 3, 2018.

All questions should be sent to

Part 1. Background Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Gender *
Birthdate *
Email address *
(We will use this email address to identify you and connect with you)
Phone Number *
How did you learn about this program? *
Are you applying to GSL with a team, or would prefer to work with particular applicants? If yes, please list the names and email addresses of those individuals here. However, having a team or partners beforehand is not a requirement for the program.
Note: Every individual should submit their own application to the program.
What is the level of your English proficiency? *
Please note that the program will be fully run in English.
Part 2. GSL Nepal: Program Requirements
Are you a student or alumni at Kathmandu University *
During the first year of our program, we are limiting admittance to students and recent alumni of Kathmandu University. We hope to expand our program to a larger audience in future years!
Do you have a laptop you can use for the duration of our program (June 15 - Aug. 3)? *
You will need to have access to a laptop to work on your web or mobile application throughout the program.
Do you commit to be available to attend our week-long retreats from June 15 - 23 and July 29 - Aug. 3, 2018? *
Lodging will be provided! The first week will focus on deep-diving into the basics you should know for business and technical perspectives when pursuing entrepreneurship, featuring guest speakers, team-building and team formation, and idea generation. The final week will focus on finalizing team projects and preparing for Demo Day.
Do you commit to attending the program from at least 5pm-9pm Tuesdays to Fridays and at least 10am-4pm every Saturday from June 15 - Aug. 3, 2018? [See note below.] *
**NOTE: These time are subject to change based on student availability. Please indicate in the "Other" option what conflicts or scheduling concerns you may have. We will hold most of our entrepreneurship and technical lessons during these sessions. There will also be events/mixers with investor groups that you may be required to attend.
Do you commit to being part of the final Demo Day presentations on Aug. 2, 2018? *
On Demo Day, each team will pitch their final projects to a panel of judges, with the opportunity for prizes and the potential of investments and entrance into startup accelerators for your startup idea.
Are you comfortable with being photographed and videotaped during the program? *
Part 3. Academic Information
Graduation Year / Affiliation with Kathmandu University *
Your current status with Kathmandu University
If you are an alumni of Kathmandu University, what was your graduation year? What is your occupation?
Field of Study / Major *
What career do you intend to pursue in the long run? *
(Maximum 300 characters)
Part 4. Longer Answer Questions
What are your goals for being part of MIT Global Startup Lab? *
Use this question to assess your own goals and what team experience you are seeking. Be honest so you can have a better team and in class experience. (Maximum 2000 characters)
Tell us about one non-academic project/venture that you are most proud of? *
Feel free to describe the goal of the project, your role and contribution, and how you evaluated the success or failure of the project. You can also describe how the project transformed your personal or professional vision. (Maximum 2000 characters)
What is a problem in Nepal or your local community that could be solved using technology? What kinds of problems are most suitable to be solved using technology? *
(Maximum 2000 characters)
If you have any entrepreneurship experience from the past, tell us about it.
Feel free to talk about any of the following: What was your idea? Who was your team? What happened? What went well and not so well? What did you learn about entrepreneurship from that experience?
Part 5. Professional Skill Set and Interests
Please enter up to 3 industry areas that you are interested in. *
Please add a links to your LinkedIn profile, Github, personal website, or other links to your portfolio. *
If you had provided a resume, please type "Resume attached" in the response. LinkedIn profiles are preferred but you can provide other links that are valid URLs and accessible to us.
How do you identify yourself ? *
Look up these terms (Google) if you are unsure what they mean.
We want to create a diverse class with people from different backgrounds so we can learn from each other. Which of the following backgrounds do you mostly align yourself with? *
Pick one that you feel you align with the best.
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