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This doesn't include "sweat equity," founder opportunity cost, or anything like that. We're just looking for the amount of money people who don't work for you have sent to the company's bank account. ($s)
A Bit More Detail
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Are there other metrics you track? If so, please describe them below and their trends.
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The more detail here, the better. We'd love to know your margins (actual or expected), your conversion rates, etc.
If you know it, what's your current cost to acquire an active monthly user or a paying business customer?
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We're especially interested in what makes you and your co-founders the right people to build this business. Please include LinkedIn URLs if available.
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Why is now the right time to start this company?
Please tell us your fundraising history, if any
Amounts raised, on what terms, in what kind of security, and on what dates.
If you are raising capital now, please let us know your target amount and desired terms, if applicable.
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