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I, ________________________________; or(use A if 18 years or older)B. I/We, ___________________________________ being the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of_______________________________________ (herein "my/our child"),(complete B if participant is under 18 years)hereby acknowledge and agree that, in consideration of:A. my participation; orB. the participation of _______________________________________(complete B if participant is under 18 years)in skating activities ("Activities") organized, operated or sanctioned by Skate Ontario or by a club orskating school which is a member of Skate Ontario (each an “Organizer”):1. I/We acknowledge that the World Health Organization has classified the Coronavirus Disease(“COVID-19”) outbreak as a global pandemic and am/are aware of the risks of COVID-19. I/Wespecifically acknowledge and agree that I am/we are aware of the risks to personal health, includingby the failure to follow physical distancing protocols, flowing from COVID-19, and that I am/we areassuming, on my own behalf and, if signing on behalf of a participant under 18 years, on their behalf,all health risks and adverse health related consequences caused by or arising from engaging in anyActivities (the “Assumed Risks”).2. I/We acknowledge that the Organizers are implementing the Skate Ontario Return to Play Protocols(“Protocols”) the most recent version of which will be posted from time to time on Skate Ontario’swebsite. I/We specifically acknowledge and agree that I am/we are aware of Protocols, that I/we willabide by the Protocols, and that the Protocols are subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws,regulations, by-laws and orders as they may exist from time to time.3. I/we hereby release the Organizers, their members, officers, directors, employees, independentcontractors, agents, and volunteers ("Releasees") from all liability, recourse, proceedings, claims, andcauses of action of any kind whatsoever, in respect of all damages, personal injuries, death, or propertylosses which I/we may suffer arising out of or connected with the Assumed Risks, the content orimplementation of the Protocols (including without limitation the conduct of any screening of anyindividual), and the preparation for, or participation in, the Activities, notwithstanding that any suchlosses were caused solely or partly by the negligence of any of the Releasees.4. I/we do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releasees from any and all damages orlosses of any kind as a result of any and all claims, demands, causes of action of any kind whatsoeverincluding those involving negligence on the part of any of the Releasees that may be made or initiatedby, or on behalf of my/our child, arising out of or connected with the Assumed Risks as they relate tome/us and/or my/our child, the content or implementation of the Protocols as they relate to me/usand/or my/our child, and my/our child's preparation for and/or participation in any of the Activities.Version 2 – July 17, 20205. And, I/we hereby acknowledge and agree:(a) that I/we understand that none of the Releasees assumes any responsibility whatsoever for mysafety or the safety of my/our child during the course of any preparation for or participation in theaforesaid Activities;(b) that I/we will comply with the implementation of the Protocols and that any failure on my/our part(or on the part of my/our child) to comply with the Protocols and their implementation may haveconsequences (including without limitation a withdrawal of permission for me or my/our child toparticipate in an Activity or Activities) and could jeopardize relevant insurance coverage;(c) that I/we understand that the implementation of the Protocols may involve the collection, use anddisclosure of personal information about me or my/our child and I consent to same;(d) that I/we have carefully read this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, RELEASE, INDEMNITY, ANDASSUMPTION OF RISK that I/we fully understand same, and that I am/we are freely and voluntarilyexecuting same;(e) that I have been given the opportunity and that I am encouraged to seek independent legal adviceprior to signing this document;(f) that I understand that the Organizers would not permit me or my/our child to participate in anyActivities unless I signed this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, RELEASE, INDEMNITY, ANDASSUMPTION OF RISK, which applies to all Activities whether occurring in the near or distantfuture and that the terms of this document need not be brought to my attention each time Iparticipate in a Program in order for it to be effective;(g) that the term Activities as used herein includes, without limiting the generality of that term, trainingsessions, clinics, and events that are in any way authorized, sanctioned, organized or operated byany of the Organizers on its own or together with another, or to which Skate Ontario has issued apermit;(h) that this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, RELEASE, INDEMNITY, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISKagreement is binding on myself, my heirs, my executors, administrators, personal representativesand assigns. *
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