Global Mental Health Outreach Program Members Recruitment

Director of Outreach - Europe & Asia - Head of the Outreach Department; leading the Hong Kong Branch and India Branch (+ future branches in Asia & Europe); collaborate with the branch leaders to maintain a friendly environment within the department; participate in board meetings

US Outreach Branch Leader - Head of the US outreach team; responsible for reaching out to professionals for events and fundrasing/partnership events; lead meetings and assigning work for USOD officers

Technology Team: Builds app(s), handle social handles and Youtube Channels
- Requirements: Experience in coding (Github, Firebase, HTML, Java, C++, etc)
Outreach Team: Public relations and help with the partnership with hospitals, other clubs and organizations for events, organize monthly events
- Requirement: Work well with other people

Research Team: does research related to mental health (for blog posts on website)
- Requirements: minor knowledge about mental health

Publications Team: Design Powerpoints and worksheets for schools and organizations to spread mental health awareness. Design posters/posts for Instagram promotion, blog posts, etc.
- Requirements: good creativity, good skills in drawing digital arts

Podcast Team: Records podcast episodes about topics related to mental health, including interviewing professionals and sharing their stories.
- Requirements: Well-spoken and be socially aware of current mental health phenomena
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What is the Global Mental Health Outreach Program?
The Global Mental Health Outreach organization is a group of teenagers from all around the world who are passionate about helping people that are experiencing mental illnesses. We want to connect with different people around the world to raise awareness, provide support and education to environments/schools/people who lack certain mental health facilities. We want to remove the stigma surrounding mental health illness, as it can lead to feelings of shame and self-consciousness which can negatively impact people who are trying to seek help.
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