2018 TEEAP STEM Conference Presenter Application
The 2018 TEEAP STEM Conference will be held October 2018. You are invited to apply to present at our conference using the application form below. You will receive a confirmation that we received your application beginning in June, though it you apply prior to June I will confirm your application when I check in on the application once a month. This confirmation will include details from your application for you to review and confirm as well as additional details as to the time frame when session times, dates, and locations will be solidified for the conference program. If you have any special requests as to the date and time of your presentation, please be sure to include that information in the appropriate area of this application so that it can be considered when determining the schedule of events. Additionally, please note any special requirements you may have for your presentation.
What is the name of the primary presenter for this session? *
Please provide your name as you would like it listed in our conference program.
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What is your job title at your place of employment? *
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Who is your employer?
If you are a educator, please provide the name of the school or institution you work in. If you work for a vendor or exhibitor, please provide the name of that company, organization, etc.
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Please provide your address including street address, city, state, and zipcode.
We will communicate with you mainly electronically in the lead up to the conference, but in the event we can not reach you via email please provide an address where we may contact you over the summer. Typically a home address is best for this if you are a teacher as we will begin the confirmation process in June.
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Please provide a phone number where you may be reached with any questions or to confirm information if necessary.
You can provide one or more numbers. If you do so, please let us know which number you prefer to be contacted at first.
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Please provide your email address or addresses.
Again, we will communicate with you mainly electronically. Please provide one or more addresses below where we can contact you over the summer.
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Please list the names of any Co-Presenters as well as their titles and place of employment in the space provided below.
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Please provide any relevant contact information for these co-presenters including their mailing addresses as well as email and/or phone numbers.
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What is the session title of your proposed presentation for the TEEAP STEM Conference.
Please keep the title brief. Please keep the title to under 70 characters.
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Please provide a description of your proposed session.
This is the description that will be placed in our conference program.
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What is the target audience of your session.
Please check as many of the categories below as needed.
Special Requests
Please provide any special requests you may have related to the time and date of your presentation or any requests related to location, potential power or space needs, or anything else. We will do our best to accommodate all requests and fill any needs. If we are unable to meet those needs for any reason we will contact you for more information.
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