This report is designed to obtain information that may help the club to determine future areas of safety education. You may review and revise any of your responses prior to submitting this form.
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6. Type of Bicycle Involved
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9. Road Surface and Road Conditions (check all that apply)
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10. Weather Conditions - (e.g., clear, foggy, rain/sleet/snow, windy).
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11. 911 - if called, what agency responded to the call?
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12. Injuries - describe any injuries in detail.
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13. Medical Treatment - state where, when, from whom and the nature of the treatment received.
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14. Incident Description - include speed, direction of travel of cyclist (and others if involved), lane position, signage/signals and other important information. *
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15. Contact Information - enter the name, email, and phone number of person completing the report.
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16. Suggestions - state any suggestions you may have that would prevent this type of incident in the future.
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