Battle of The Bands - Deadline June 18, 2021
Please read the official Rules for Bands before completing the application form.

1. Each band will be given an allotted amount of time. They are NOT to go over this time frame as to give each band the time needed to perform.

2. Please be ready to perform when it is your time frame to do so.

3. Band members must notify Sarah Stahl or Amanda Heard if there is a conflict of interest with one of the judges-ie they are relatives of yours, close friends, etc. We want this contest to be fair for EVERYONE! We want our judges to be impartial.

4. In the end, there will only be 1 band left standing. Bands will be voted out each week according to how many participants we have.

5. Each band must consist of at least 2 members-no solo artists.

6. The final two bands will have a show down during the last night’s event on July 31st. During this time frame, they will have longer time slots in which to perform.

7. The bands may each choose which songs they perform: however, the songs must meet the decades criteria for the night’s event and they must be covers-no original music.

8. The winning band will be awarded gift certificates to local businesses as their final prize. The final prize (amount TBD) will be given to the winning band to split with each other how they see fit to do so.

9. Each band is responsible for their own instruments, etc. Sound will be provided.

10. There is no cost to join the battle of the bands, however, each band MUST be signed up by the deadline proposed by the Mountain Movers and the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce. There will be NO late entries accepted.

11. Each band MUST be from the Jackson County area.

12. Once the band has signed up for the contest, they must show up ON TIME for each show that they are in unless they have been voted off.

13. Please remain respectful to the judges and crew along with the other bands. Please support each other, but keep in mind that this IS a contest with only one winning band.

14. Please refrain from using songs with vulgar/overly sexual language in them. Also, please remember that this is a public family-type event.
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