2020 MeBoP Application
About the course (http://www.middle-eastbop.com/)

This is a high-caliber scientific course that would cover various aspects of parasitology from molecular biology and epidemiology to genomics, targeted for students in the Middle East as well as North and Sub-Saharan Africa

The Goal of MeBoP: (think about these goals as you write your motivation statement, below. We encourage you to refer back to these in your statement).

1. To provide high-caliber scientific training covering various aspects of parasitology research from molecular biology and epidemiology to genomics. We believe that it is critical that scientific skills that are well established elsewhere in the world are disseminated to endemic areas where they can be put into practice to face local issues.

2. To provide an environment where young scientists from conflicted political areas are given the opportunity to focus on their mutual professional interests and goals, and to promote networking and the building of professional collaborations across these areas.

Eligibility details: http://www.middle-eastbop.com/#!/crrl
CV format link: https://goo.gl/cMukPv
Email CV and reference letters to: mebop.team@gmail.com
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