Group Volunteer Opportunity to fill CCK or Busy Bags for Connect Thru Cancer
Any questions please contact Nicole : | 484-301-3047. Thank you for considering to partner with us to fulfill your volunteer service hours. We are grateful to have the support of those in our community in helping to make this program successful.
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Location of the bag fill (we ask that your space is able to accommodate approximately four tables (ideal size 8-10ft) *
Number of Volunteers: We find that having at least 10 people volunteering is the most effective. This opportunity is best for those 15 yrs or older. If you have a few volunteers able to drive and help transport materials this too is ideal. *
What time would you like to schedule the volunteer opportunity? (Typically a fill takes between 2-3 hours depending on the number of orders). We ask that all volunteer opportunities are scheduled before 5:00 p.m. on weekdays only. *
Is there a place to dispose of trash (boxes and fill) at your location? *
Does your company have UPS pick up available at your site? *
It is helpful (but not mandatory) if your group has several large vehicles to help transport boxes from storage to your location. And transport filled boxes to closest UPS store (if you do not have UPS pickup at your site). Is this possible for your group? *
We like to promote the event on our social media as well as our website, would you have someone available to take pictures of the event and share with us?
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We like to promote our work with those in the community and will often do a press release on the event; would you be agreeable to us submitting a press release on this event?
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