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This form is for those who want to volunteer to participate in the Taboo Dungeon in Edmonton, as a volunteer, for any of the below listed tasks. ASPECC LOVES volunteers! Discounts to goods and events for those that volunteer 10 plus hours in a year. :) if you have any questions, email us at
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Volunteer Orientation is required. Do you agree to take this orientation? It is available both online and in person.
ASPECC has zero tolerance for discrimination and/or aggression. Do you agree to respect this policy?
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To get in you will need to text us when you arrive, and our volunteers will come to the entrance to give you your pass. You will need to hand this pass in once inside, to the Dungeon Welcome Table. Do you agree? *
Taboo reserves the right to remove persons who are disruptive to the show, to restrict nudity, and reminds all volunteers, presenters and exhibiters that they must conform to the legal standards and legislation of Canada. Do you agree to follow these rules? *
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