Choir Booster Scholarship Application
The AHS Choir Booster Club invites all Senior choir students who are college bound to apply for a scholarship from the AHS Choir Booster Club. Please answer ALL questions in the application.
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Certification of Application Important: Review this application form and make certain you have responded accurately to all items. By typing your full name and today's date, you certify that all the statements made in this application form are true, complete, and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief, and are made in good faith. *
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Your current OFFICIAL cumulative GPA for High School is________ on a scale of ___________ *
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How many times ave your participated in UIL Competitions (solo, ensemble, with a choir) *
Please list all extracurricular music related activities and performing groups(such as musicals, singing groups, assemblies, church choirs etc..) Please list the name of the group or activity and include the nature of your participation. *
Please list all special choir/music honors, awards, or recognitions. *
Please list all the community service activities you are/have been involved in. Make sure to list activity/organization, a description of the service, and the number of hours worked. *
Please copy and paste your essay in the space below. Please limit your response to 650 words or less. Do Not indicate your name in the body of the essay, or type your name anywhere on the essay. Your essay Topic is: My music education and choir experience at Allen High School have prepared me for: *
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