STOP OGM Pacifique - Database Questionnaire
Greetings from Stop OGM Pacifique! We are an NGO based in New Caledonia, dedicated to informing the public about the risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food, agriculture, and the environment in the Pacific region. We are currently working on a GMO database which necessitates your contribution for the creation of this project.

Founded in July 2012, we are a team of volunteers, who since 2010, have been working on the issue of GMOs in New Caledonia and the Pacific. Our largest achievement to date is the regulation we have put in place in New Caledonia, forbidding GMO seed imports into the country (effective immediately) and the mandatory labelling of products containing GMO ingredients (effective January 2017).  

STOP GMO Pacific is currently linked to a dozen organizations and associations concerned with the issue of GMOs; including associations in France, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Wallis and Futuna , and Vanuatu.
The association has participated in Oceania 21 meetings by presenting the current circumstances of GMOs in the Pacific Island States which has resulted in the declaration of the need to establish a regional monitoring for GMO -free agriculture, in order to preserve biodiversity and traditional Pacific agriculture.

As referenced above, our main objective is to create a government funded GMO presence database and an extensive knowledge network, which would allow us to share and gather information about the current GMO situation throughout the Pacific region.  In order to achieve this, we need your assistance to create the raw data for the database.

Please take some time to complete the attached questionnaire as thoroughly as possible.

Our team includes a farming methodology expert with 10 years’ experience in various tropical countries, water resource specialist, nutritionist, and a legal advisor with multinational experience.
We have countless resources and research data on GMOs and Traditional Farming. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions regarding this database project or access to our resources. We are ready to be your official resource contact on the topic of GMOs. Further information is available on our website:

We would appreciate a response to the questionnaire by Nov 15th

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