Hey Keyuties. Alex here,

I started this committee because I want to bring back all the spirit of Key Club to make it a more fun and happy club that people would want to come back to. So, I'm looking to recruit the MOST spirited and fun people out there.

You do not have to be the most outgoing or social person in the world. As long as you can give great ideas to our club and are willing to be part of our "rave" group, full of loudness :)
We are so excited to see what you have to offer in spirit for our club!
First, we are going to ask about yourself
Name (First and Last) *
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Grade *
What made you want to join Spirit Committee? *
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What do you think makes you a very spirited person? *
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What is your Spirit Animal and why?
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You sound like a great applicant already! Keep it up!
As a member of Spirit Committee, you will be able to give your own opinions on many things spirit related. This includes giving ideas to icebreakers and help creating an original Key Club chant. The next few questions will ask you about your ideas for future key club spirit activities.
What type of icebreakers do you think are the most fun? (Pick at most 2) *
Based on the answers you picked above, explain why you think they are the funnest? (yes, I am aware that "funnest" is not a word) *
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What kind of icebreaker ideas do you have? (If you don't have an idea, type in "Alex is my lord and savior, everything he says, I will comply")
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