Lean In Los Angeles Circle Moderator Application - August 2017
Circles are the backbone of the Lean In organization. Small circles are an opportunity to find a group of people (8-12 people) who will hold you accountable and help you grow. Lean In Circles are a safe space for you to share your toughest challenges and greatest opportunities. Read a little more about that here: https://leanincircles.org/?view=1

The Lean in LA chapter is forming new circles. As a moderator, you make sure your Circle members are participating, is actively meeting (monthly) and your Circle meetings are productive.

Questions? Email: LILA-circle-program@googlegroups.com

Deadline for application: August 31, 2017
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Moderator Responsibilities:
Time commitment:
Half day Moderator Training in September/October 2017
Circle meetings: 1 meeting per month, 2 hours per meeting
Board meetings: 1 monthly check in with Circle Program Manager or Circle Program Coordinator (in person or on the phone)
Lean In events: Attendance at LeanIn Org events (when available)
Member recruitment: Recruiting members (8-12) to join your circle
Delegate circle responsibilities to other members in your group (ex. venue, programing, refreshments, correspondence)
I understand and accept responsibilities as a smaller circle moderator. *
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