HoloBuilder for Education
Thank you for reaching out and your interest in our educational program. As we are trying to support any educational use case with HoloBuilder as best as we can, it would be great if you could help us by answering the following questions.
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1) What occupation in education do you have?
2) What institution do you want to provide the content for?
3) What is the name of your institution/company?
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4) What is your personal use case for HoloBuilder in education? E.g. in classroom, virtual tour of the campus, etc. Please feel free to elaborate as detailed as possible.
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5) Which features interest you the most?
Must be included
Nice to have
Not needed
Share projects
Embed projects
Remove 'Copy & Edit' button
Set project visibility as public
Set project visibility as unlisted
Set project visibility as private
Password protected project sharing
Remove HoloBuilder logo
Add custom branding
Add single sheet (e.g. floor plan)
Add multiple sheets
Face blurring
Wall measurements
Time Travel
Extended image format support
6) How many accounts would you currently need? E.g. just for you, the whole classroom or even an integration into the school system.
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7) How many accounts will you need in the future? Are the numbers constant or would you need new accounts after a certain time?
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8) For which timeframe would you usually need accounts to stay active?
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9) How often would you like to create new accounts?
10) What resources do you have for 12 months of using HoloBuilder? For any further suggestions, please select 'other'.
Is there anything else you would like to get of you chest? We appreciate any ideas and suggestions.
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