IndigenEYEZ Custom Workshops
We are happy to tailor-make custom workshops to meet your organizational needs. The design process begins with a comprehensive intake interview to map your desired outcomes. You will work closely with Program Director Kelly Terbasket to find the best alignment between your needs and our methodologies and facilitators, as well as identifying a timeframe and program structure that support your objectives.

We sign a contract between our organizations and IndigenEYEZ is responsible for meeting our agreed-upon deliverables. After the workshop, a follow-up debriefing call helps identify strengths and areas for improvement in future work.
Name of Organization or Community
Name Of Your Contact Person
Contact Person's Email
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Contact Person's Pronouns
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What is the overall workshop theme you are interested in:
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What are your ideal outcomes from this workshop?
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I'd like participant's to leave the workshop equipped with new knowledge of:
I'd like participant's to leave the workshop feeling:
I'd like participant's to leave the workshop motivated to take action in/on:
Who is your target group? And how many will attend?
(ex. "12 staff of front line workers, ages 25-50")
Ideal date(s) of workshop:
Do you have any additional questions for us?
Thank you for your interest in working with us!
Expect to hear back from us by email within 2 days to schedule a time to speak more in depth about your orgnaizations goals and connecting you with one of our facilitators.
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