ONFE Ottawa Volunteers in Education Volunteer Request Form
Please use this form to request community volunteers to assist in your school. All community volunteers sent to you from ONFE have a police background clearance to service the vulnerable sector and have passed two character reference checks. It is the responsibility of the School Volunteer Coordinator to ask to see the volunteer's police background clearance and photo ID to verify their identity when they arrive at the school for their interview. Please refer to the OCDSB volunteer policy and the ONFE School Volunteer Management Handbook for Educators. To request a new copy, or to receive School Volunteer Coordinator Training, please contact Lee-Ann Scott lee-ann.scott@ocdsb.ca or call 613-366-3085 x253
The Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) is a partner of the OCDSB. We recruit, screen and train community volunteers to support students and educators in your schools.
Below are just a few examples of the types of volunteer positions we are recruiting for---if you find yourself saying "I wish I had more time to do..." perhaps a volunteer could help out.

Assistive Technology Coaches
Volunteers are trained to support students in schools that use Ministry of Education licensed assistive technology software.

Classroom Support
Volunteers are assigned to a specific teacher and carry out various tasks depending on the teacher’s needs (assisting with learning activities, oral reading, creating displays, helping young children with their clothing, playground supervision, etc.)

ELL and ELD Tutors
Volunteers are trained by the OCDSB in English language instruction to support students learning English in OCDSB schools.

Kindergarten Support
Volunteers can help in English and French kindergarten classrooms citywide any time between 8:00am-5:30pm depending on the school.

High School Tutors and Mentors
Volunteers help support students at risk in grades 7-12 in Literacy, Numeracy, and all academic subjects. Volunteers can either work in the Student Success Centres or within the classroom.

Heart of the City Piano Program
This program provides a way for members of the community to share their love of music with children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn to play piano. Volunteer piano teachers are matched to students one-on-one during school hours, or before or after school.

Math Tutors
Volunteers are trained by the OCDSB Math Consultants on the Gap Closing materials to support students struggling in Math in grades 1-12, in OCDSB schools.

Volunteers are trained by the OCDSB to support students that need scribes.

Junior Achievement Financial Literacy, JA Company and Diversity Programs
There are few opportunities for Ottawa students to learn financial literacy, entrepreneurship and other business skills within the current curriculum. Junior Achievement (JA) engages volunteers from local businesses and post-secondary business faculties to fill this void by providing hands-on learning experiences for K-12 students. Fill out this form or for more information contact Albert B. Wong, CA 613-366-3085 x251 awong@onfe-rope.ca

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The staff person in charge of managing school volunteers. Typically the Principal, VP or designated teacher
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Name of Teacher requesting volunteer, Subject, Grade Level, Number of Volunteers per teacher, Day, Time and Frequency the volunteer is required: *
For example: Ms. Jane Austen Grade 12 English needs 4 volunteers 2 hours week 10:00am -12:00pm starting September 3 for 12 weeks. Mr. Mark Darcy Full day kindergarten needs 10 volunteers (2 daily) to volunteer at least 2 hours between 9:00-3:00pm starting October 11 until the end of June.
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Note any specific skills or experience required for the volunteer position:
For example: Must be fluent in English (French, Portuguese, etc.) Must have experience working with physically disabled children.
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If you have requested a volunteer mentor for a student, please provide the age range or gender if applicable.
For example: Female university volunteer student mentors required to be role models and mentors for young female students.
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Other requirements or feedback about this form is appreciated:
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Thank you for your interest in the Ottawa Volunteers in Education Program and for providing meaningful and fullfilling opportunties to engage the community in education.
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