2018/2019 Shared Schoolyard Weekend Activity Funds- Final Program Application

Thanks for your interest in activating SFUSD School yards on the weekends in partnership with the San Francisco Shared Schoolyards Program!

Completion of this form will serve as your official program application for your campus, group or program to receive up to $1500 of funding for any program which gets San Francisco children, families and community members out to School Yards across the city.

Before completing this form and please make sure you have completed the following steps:

1. Completed on boarding call with Shared Schoolyard Program Manager

2. Received site availability sign off from Site Principal

3. Finalize event details - time, vendors, cost

4. Created Program flyer

5. Confirmed payment route and invoicing information

6. IF CBO- confirmed that your organization will be able to meet all contract, insurance, and staff

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Funds Requested
Please outline the spending break-down for your program
Has the site Principal approved this event
Final Program Date (If multi-week, list dates)
Program time
Describe the specific community impact your activity will have: Who specifically will this program serve? (Ie. How many people? which specific community?)
What channels or tactics will you use to promote your activity or event to the community?
Please Upload Program Flyer
Please include marketing Blurb/paragraph that will be used to list the event on the Shared Schoolyard Website *
What method would you like to recieve these funds through? *
For Budget Transfer to School site: Please identify the Object code where funds should be transferred to
For Invoice- please Upload
Thank you for taking the time to submit your application
Please refer to the San Francisco Shared Schoolyard’s Activities Fund Request Approval Guidelines outlining all potentially necessary conditions and the permit requirements for submitting this application. Upon completion of this application, the Project Managers will contact you with their approval comments. Please direct any questions or comments to Program Manager, Amy Randel, Randela@sfusd.eu
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