What are you getting out of "So What, Who Cares?"
Hello! Since I'm on a new platform, I thought it was the perfect time to see whether I could zhush up the editorial approach too. These survey questions will help refine the next iteration of the newsletter.
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1. Which SWWC topic is your favorite? *
2. Which SWWC topic is your second favorite? *
3. Which SWWC topic is your third favorite? *
4. Which SW,WC topic do you just not open? *
5. The newsletter used to have a pretty structured format -- news brief, a "so what?" section and a "who cares?" section. Does that work for you? Check off as many as applicable. *
6. Occasionally, the newsletter has gotten into more first-person writing. Thoughts? *
7. Thoughts on the pop culture recommendations? *
8. Thoughts on a monthly summary newsletter linking back to prior coverage or doing follow-ons? *
9. Thoughts on a newsletter edition that is short on original writing, long on links and pointers that I think are worth your time? *
10. Pick your preferred type and frequency: *
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