Code a Wish: AI 101 Registration 2020 (7/3-8/14)
Code a Wish is a 501(c)3 nonprofit run by high schoolers with the mission to increase access to technology for everyone as well as prepare the incoming generation for our future of technology. In November 2019, we hosted the Future Summit with 200+ attendees (middle to high schoolers) to learn from 6 excellent speakers, some even coming from Forbes 30 under 30, in the tech/entrepreneurial industry to share their experiences with computer science and business. This summer, we want to continue spreading our passion and knowledge of artificial intelligence and its workings in the real world through this 7-week course, AI 101.

Each class will be once a week on Friday from 5-6 pm with activities in each class, opportunities to win prizes, and attend a final webinar with a guest speaker as the final seventh session as well as a raffle. Because of COVID-19, we will be hosting these sessions over Zoom webinar.

Registration for AI 101 will be open until 7/14. This course will be completely FREE.

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