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Thank you so much for your interest in joining Sarah Cordiner's Affiliate Program - where we reward all of our affiliates with a 25% commission (minus electronic funds transfer fees) for every sale you make of our online courses that come from your promo code.

Please read the following information carefully before completing this form:


1. Complete this form
2. It will be reviewed by Sarah Cordiner and if we feel that you are a good fit as an affiliate you will be sent an email confirmation and given your affiliate log in details.
3. You may then promote your promo code in the means by which you are most comfortable. (eg. For some people may be a very subtle sales approach such as back-linking in blogs and articles; for some it's direct phone sales, for other it might be emailing your lists or posting on social media, or posting buttons on your websites - whatever works best for you and your natural way of promoting is great provided the methods you use are ethical and legal).
4. You acknowledge that payments will be made once per month direct to your Paypal account. You can track all of your clicks, payments and sales from your MainTraining dashboard.
5. You acknowledge that payments will come 60 days in arrears so as to cover our Refund Policy in our 'Terms of Use'. You will not be paid for students who request refunds.
6. Being an affiliate does not entitle you to free access to any training or courses we offer

**This page was last updated December 2020**
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