CMPC LOGOS Volunteer Registration Form 2020-2021 year
This fall will look different. This is our current plan, but it will be adjusted as needed.

The church building is closed.

- Online zoom LOGOS each week from 7:00 - 7:45.
- each week will have a different activity / leader
- small group time so children can chat with their friends

- Once every 5 (ish) weeks in person 5:00 - 5:30/45
- in small grade-level groups
- different grades on different nights (schedule being developed)
- with masks
- strictly distanced meeting
- outside, no bathroom access

FISH - in person, weekly, masked, outside with chairs

Please think about how you would like to be involved. Perhaps you want to be a 'table parent' to a small grade level zoom group. You will need to attend the in-person gathering to help your young or active child distance if they are in 5th grade or below. Perhaps you want to join in on zoom just to hear our voices. Your role will look different this year, and that's ok.

We also need your contact information so we can keep in contact with you, as well as keep you safe in case of emergency.

Thanks! - LOGOS leadership team
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