The 2020 Festival Performance will take place on:
Saturday, April 24, 2020 @ 7:00pm
The Ohio State University: Sullivant Hall, Barnett Theatre
1813 North High St., Columbus Ohio 43210

Please Note: This year’s audience seating will be in the round.

The Barnett Theatre is an intimate, contemporary black box performance space. The maximum performance area is 44’ deep x 31’ wide. Entrances and exits are made through the four corners of the dance floor. Audience seating will be in the round

Flooring: black marley-type floor over sprung floor. Space restrictions require that pieces using tap shoes/clogging/flamenco, etc. will need to supply masonite or plywood, that are well sanded, with edges taped.

Technical rehearsal times will be scheduled once actual daytime slots are announced.
This Performance opportunity is limited to Ohio-based artists.

Ohio-based professional and collegiate choreographers/performers are eligible to submit an application for The 2020 OhioDance Festival Performance. OhioDance selects a panel of dance professionals from outside of Ohio to adjudicate the submissions and select pieces to be performed through portfolio review. All applications will be adjudicated based on the documentation provided in the portfolio and the artistic quality of the work. The work must be 10 minutes or less, and the choreographer and dancers need to be 18 years of age or older by the time of performance. Only one cued piece will be accepted for adjudication. Choreographers will be notified of results on January 24, 2020 (NO panel comments). A monetary award of $500-$700 will be awarded to each choreographer, depending on grant dollars received.

Selected applicants will have their dances professionally produced, and will work with a marketing and public relations professional to promote their work through a variety of media outlets. A professional video will be made by an OhioDance appointed videographer. A video link will be available to choreographers after the performance.

OhioDance is interested in selecting pieces that represent a diverse range of aesthetics and artistry, as well as pieces that are engaging to the general public. At least one piece will be chosen from the following categories: Ballet, Contemporary, Social, or World Dance forms. Choreographers and performers need to be Professional or College level. Proper music credit is the responsibility of the choreographer.

All selected choreographers must submit a signed performance contract and release forms by February 6, 2020. These materials will be mailed along with an acceptance letter. The choreographer and dancers must be 18 years of age or older by the date of performance. Choreographers are required to submit general publicity information, an mp3 of the music to be used in performance, and program notes by February 14, 2020.

All applicants should submit a portfolio of their work by December 5, 2019.
Email submissions preferred. Email
Please read full Criteria online

____ Bio, resume and/or CV of the artist(s), highlighting accomplishments and history of performances, including solo,
collaboration and/or group.

____ Online video link of the work to be submitted. Submissions show not to exceed 10 minutes. The online link may
be an unfinished piece, although rehearsal videos are difficult for the adjudication team. Please consider the
overall quality of the online video links, including lighting and clarity of perspectives and moving images.

____ 1-2 references (names and contact information).

____ A recent publicity photo.

____ If available: A brochure, review, program and/or collateral.

____ Completed application sheet with signature.

____ Payment of the non-refundable application adjudication fee of $25 for OhioDance members, and $35 for non-
members. All checks made payable to OhioDance.
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I have read in full, this application, along with criteria, and thoroughly understand and accept the terms outlined. *
Payment Member $25 or NonMember $35. *
OhioDance is committed to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all programs and services, and does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, including marital status, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.
• Adjudication notes will not be shared in 2020
• OhioDance will provide professional production resources, i.e. sound system, lighting, technical and stage equipment and personnel. Any additional technical requirements will be the responsibility of the artist.
• The performance order will be determined by OhioDance.
• All artists will be provided a technical rehearsal time for setup, lighting and rehearsal onstage.
• OhioDance has the sole right to oversee and manage the performance.
• All setting up of scenery and equipment must be carried out under the supervision of the stage manager appointed by OhioDance.
• A professional video will be made by an OhioDance appointed videographer. Video links will be available to choreographers after the performance.
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