9 Questions for the 44%
(a survey of America's independent voters)
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1. Do you consider yourself a Democrat, an Independent, or a Republican?
2. Which of these statements best captures why you are an independent. (You can select more than one.)
3. Do you think independent voters get the respect we deserve from the media, the political parties, and the candidates?
4a. Pollsters frequently ask independents whether they lean more toward the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Do you think this reflects a bias that is designed to dissuade people from their independence?
4b. Do you think this question places a higher value on being a Democrat or Republican than on being independent?
5. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Elected officials do not care what independent voters like me think.
6. In 2016, over 26 million Americans were barred from voting in the presidential primaries. Do you think the Democratic and Republican parties should open the presidential primaries to allow independents to participate?
7a. There is currently a court battle underway challenging how the presidential debates are run by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates. Do you think the debates should be nonpartisan and not affiliated with the political parties at all?
7b. Do you think that at least one independent presidential candidate should be included in the Presidential Debates?
7c. Would you be willing to join a campaign to pressure the presidential debate sponsors to include an independent in the 2020 debates?
8a. Demographics. Please select your age group.
8b. What is your ethnicity?
9. Independent Voting, the largest national organization of independent voters, has a newsletter for independents like you. Would you like to receive our newsletter?
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