ADN Information Session
Requirements for Prelicensure Associate Degree RN Program

1. Set an appointmnet with an admissions representative for a program review
2. Submit the following documents to your admissions representative
a. Application
b. Unofficial transcripts
c. Resume
d. Personal statement about the profession of nursing (2 pages only, typed)
e. TEAS test scores
3. Interview with Director of Nursing
4. All six (6) prerequisites must be completed prior to starting the nursing program. These six classes may be
transferred in from a regionally accredited school and will be evaluated.
a. LIFE SCIENCE (LS): May not be older than (5) years and must have a “B” grade or higher
i. Anatomy
ii. Physiology
iii. Microbiology
b. GENERAL EDUCATION (GE): Must have a “C” grade or higher.
i. English
ii. Speech
iii. Intermediate Algebra or higher (or Statistics)

EVENT LOCATION: 3160 Red Hill Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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