CBS Small Business Consulting - Fall 2020 Engagement Manager Application
Please apply to be only a Consultant OR an Engagement Management (EM). If you apply to be an EM and are not selected, you will be considered for the Consultant role. You may apply for a board position in addition to either consultant or EM roles.
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How have your past experiences prepared you for this role and how will you contribute to the team? *
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Briefly tell us a story when you had to persevere through a difficult situation while leading a team. *
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Please list your extracurricular commitments during this semester, and describe your level of involvement for each (e.g., Club/Activity, Position, Hours per week) *
Rate each project on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the project(s) you absolutely love, and 1 being the project(s) that you are not excited to work on. *
Project details can be found in the attached PPT file.
1 (least preferred)
5 (most preferred)
Urban Leaf
Interfaith Film Festival
Fidi Therapy
Sweet Vegan
ESC Cabling
Sunflower Bakery
Quiet Events
Overlap Creative
Dear Mama Coffee
Harlem One Stop
Belle Fleur
The New LIFE School
Atlas Obscura
Harlem Valley Homestead
Teaching Lab
Concept Sweet
Fast Tax Solutions and Accounting Services
Please list preferred team members (if any) *
Please submit your resume to, using the following subject line format: Fall 2020 Engagement Manager Application - Resume for [Your name]. Confirm you have submitted your resume via email using the checkbox below. *
Can you attend the client kickoff on Friday, September 25th at 7pm ET? (we understand some teams will need to meet at other times due to scheduling conflicts / time zones) *
The SBCP Engagement Manager role is a significant time commitment and requires a high level of responsibility. It is your role to schedule and lead weekly or bi-monthly meetings with your team, supervise each of your teammates' workflows, interface with the client, and stay in touch with your SBCP mentor and the SBCP Board. Do not apply for this position if you think that you will in any way find it hard to stay in regular e-mail and phone communication with your teammates, your SBCP mentor, and the SBCP Board. If you fail to complete your responsibilities as Engagement Manager, you will be barred from participating in SBCP in the future. *
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