Invitation to join the Pupils Committee and Notice of First Meeting on 25 March 2019
The Pupils Committee for the term 2019/2020 is looking for dedicated and committed volunteers who are prepared to serve in the best interest of Pupils.

The objectives of the Pupils Committee are as follows:

1. Monitors all issues, welfare and well-being of pupils throughout the pupillage period;

2. Recommending remedies, solutions and courses of action in order to address any issues raised by pupils, Masters and the Courts with regards to pupils’ welfare;

3. Promoting continuous professional development of pupils through workshops, seminars, dialogues, etc;

4. Provide a platform for pupils to effectively voice their concerns over any issue that may arise over the course of their pupillage;

5. Provide a social and networking platform by organising social events to bridge the gap between pupils and practitioners and to create closer ties among pupils.

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