Deer River School District Technology and Internet System User Notification
1. District technology and Internet system use is subject to compliance with school district policies.
2. Use of the school district sytem is at the user's own risk. The school district will not be responsible for any damage users may suffer, including, but not limited to, loss, damage or unavailability of data stored on school district diskettes, tapes, hard drives or servers, or for delays or changes in or interruptions of service or misdeliveries or nondeliveries of information or material, regardless of the cause. The school district is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of any advice or information obtained through or stored on the school district system. The school district will not be responsible for financial obligations arising through unauthorized use of the school district system or the Internet.
3. All users should expect only limited privacy in the contents of personal files on the school district system and inspection of files and accounts may occur due to routine maintenance or suspicion of activity that violates district policy.
4. Parents have the right at any time to investigate or review the contents of their child's files and e-mail files, and the right to request the termination of their child's individual account at any time.
5. Employees should be aware that data and other materials in files maintained on the school district system may be subject to review, disclosure or discovery under Minn. Stat. Ch. 13 (The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act).
6. The school district will cooperate fully with local, state and federal authorities in any investigation concerning or related to any illegal activities through the school district system.
7. The school district utilizes technical means to limit Internet access, but these limits do not provide a foolproof means for enforcing the provisions of the district's acceptable use policy.
8. Goods and services purchased over the Internet by a user resulting in unwanted financial obligations are the sole responsibility of the user or the user's guardians.
9. The collection, creation, reception, maintenance and dissemination of data via the Internet, uncluding electronic communications, is governed by Policy 406, Public and Private Personnel Data, and Policy 515, Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records.
10. Should the user violate the school district's acceptable use policy, the user's access privileges may be revoked, disciplinary action may be taken and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.
11. All provisions of this notice and the district's accepable use policy are subordinate to local, state and federal laws.
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