2022 CMF Volunteer Application
Our event provides opportunities for volunteering enthusiasts to showcase your abilities in all things around community festival/event. No matter what the purposes and goals are behind, if you love to be around people and serve the community, as well as spread multicultural fun, this is the right event for you.
Thank you for your interest in joining our team towards creating an amazing event!

You will be informed of the training session time and location once confirmed.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our training sessions

Festival Address: Canberra City, City Walk

Festival Date: 9 - 11th September 2022

Register Due Date: 14th August 2022

Contact E-mail: info@funcanberra.com.au
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Caution: SUNDAY BUS finishes at 7-8pm, please make sure you have your own transportation arranged if volunteering after 7pm!!! Please tick all the time slots you are available for organiser to arrange.
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Fun Canberra does not hold the responsibility to check anyone has a Covid case nor will be responsible for anyone catching Covid during the activity while we will try our best to maintain the general hygiene responsibility during the activity. eg. Hand sanitiser will be accessible at the site at all times. Fun Canberra reserves all rights and holds no liabilities nor responsibilities for any physical or psychological issues or loss during the event. Personal belongs will be attenders own responsibilities to take care. Fun Canberra reserves all rights of the explanation of this event and rights to change, cancel and/or how the events will be run during the event period for any unforeseen situation or any other causes.
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