U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party - Presidential Candidate Declaration of Interest
Complete this form if you are interested in participating as a U.S. Presidential Candidate in the Endorsement and Primary Process of the United States Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party (USTP) during April - August 2019. Note that completing this form provides an indication of interest but is not a guarantee that the USTP will ultimately endorse your candidacy.
Email address *
What is your full name (as would be required to be filed on any official candidate paperwork)? *
What name would you like to use in campaigning as a candidate? *
Were you born on or before January 20, 1986? *
Are you a natural-born citizen of the United States? *
Have you been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years? *
If officially endorsed at the conclusion of the electronic primary, do you commit to running for office as a USTP-endorsed independent candidate until Election Day 2020 (November 3, 2020)? *
This commitment requires that, during the time prior to Election Day 2020, the USTP-endorsed candidate shall not concede to or endorse another candidate from another political party. The USTP-endorsed candidate also shall not run on behalf of any other political party.
Do you agree with the entirety of the statements below? *
Although you are not obligated to either raise or spend funds, if you do choose to fundraise, you must agree to perform any such fundraising for your campaign independently of the U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party. Furthermore, any campaign committee and/or bank account established by or on behalf of you must be organizationally separate from the USTP. The USTP will spread information and raise public awareness about you, but the USTP is a non-monetary organization and so cannot collect or disburse funds directly. You must also agree to independently comply with all campaign-finance laws and report campaign contributions and expenses in the manner required pursuant to all applicable state and federal laws. You must agree that responsibility for such compliance is solely on the part of the you, and that, as a non-monetary organization which does not finance campaigns, the USTP has no obligation nor legal liability in regard to such compliance. (The USTP may, however, at times assist you by providing relevant information, as long as such assistance is understood to be non-obligatory in nature.)
Do you agree to participate in the USTP Endorsement and Electronic Primary process and to respect the outcome of that process, no matter whether or not you are ultimately endorsed to run for the office of President of the United States? *
Do you agree with the USTP Core Ideals? *
The three Core Ideals can be found here: https://transhumanist-party.org/values/
Do you consider yourself to have significant areas of alignment with the USTP Platform - https://transhumanist-party.org/platform/? *
While complete agreement with all positions therein is not required, and diversity of perspectives is encouraged, it should be possible for the public to clearly perceive you as being closer to the USTP Platform than any given non-USTP-endorsed candidate – for instance, a Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, or Green candidate – would be.
Do you agree to work collaboratively with the USTP during the campaign season and not to disparage the USTP as well as not to work contrary to the interests and goals of the USTP during that time? *
If you are officially endorsed by the USTP, and if you raise $5,000 or more in contributions or incur $5,000 or more in expenditures, do you agree to register as an independent candidate for President with the Federal Election Commission (FEC)? *
(However, nothing obligates you to either raise or spend $5,000 or more; any fundraising is at your discretion.)
Validation Question *
IMPORTANT: Answering this validation question is required in order for you to submit this form. This question is intended to prevent spambots making "gibberish" submissions. THE QUESTION IS: How many multiple-choice questions are there on this form, pertaining to the number of substantive items on which your answer is requested? IF YOU ARE NOT A SPAMBOT, INPUT EXACTLY THE FOLLOWING NUMBER: 10
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