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Staying connected to real people helps all of us weather this pandemic a little better. We’re recruiting Hosanna! members and friends to send mail to some of our members who are living alone or more stuck at home during the pandemic.
Kids (and adults) are invited to send artwork to brighten someone’s day. If artwork isn’t your thing, you can sign up to send a card or letter of greeting. Once you're signed up, we'll send you a name and address of a different member in our congregation based on the frequency you indicate. Then, all you have to do is put together your greeting, say a quick prayer for them, and drop it in the mail.
Questions? Give Cathy a call in the office at 781-7991 or send a note to cathy@hosannalutheranchurch.org.
Names of those in your household participating: *
E-mail address you'd like us to use to send you recipient names and addresses: *
I/We would be willing to send a Hosannagram... *
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NOTE: You're not signing up to both send AND receive mail. At this point, we're just recruiting volunteers interested in sending the mail. We'll send you a new name and address according to the frequency you indicate above, so you aren't necessarily entering into a long-term pen pal relationship (unless you and any recipient decides to do so).
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