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Cincinnati-New Taipei Sister City
High School Student Exchange Program

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We are applying to the Sister Cities of Cincinnati to host a foreign exchange student who will enter or entered the country as part of the New Taipei City, Taiwan Student Exchange program.

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Family Demographics
Section A - Host Family Profile and Environment
Primary Applicant's First Name *
Must be an Adult
Primary Applicant's Last Name *
Primary Date of Birth *
U.S. Citizen (Primary)? *
Primary applicant
Email Address
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Spouse's First Name
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Spouse's Date of Birth
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Spouse Applicant
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Spouse's Email Address
Primary Applicant's Employer *
Primary Applicant's Position *
Primary Business Phone Number *
Spouse's Employer
Spouse's Position
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List First Child
Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth
List Second Child
Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth
List Third Child
Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth
List Fourth Child
Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth
Please list additional children in the extra fields at the end if needed.
Check which Children Live at Home
List Other Adults Residing in Your Home (Name,Gender, DOB, Relationship)?
Please Indicate if any of these are present in your home?
Please Indicate if any of these are present in your home?
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Host Home Profile
Host Family, describe each member of your household (e.g. level of education, profession, interests, community involvement)

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Primary Applicant Profile
Spouse Applicant Profile
1st Child
2nd Child or Other Adult
3rd Child or Other Adult
4th Child or Other Adult
5th Child or Other Adult
Describe the type of home: *
Number of Rooms *
Number of Bedrooms *
Number of Bathrooms *
Will Exchange Student Share a Bedroom? *
If Yes, Select "Other" and say with whom?
Describe the room where the exchange student will stay?
Large/Small, Loft, Basement, Guest House, Furnishings, etc.?
Describe any amenities/areas that the student will have access to:
 (Desk, Laundry, Kitchen, etc.)
Describe any amenities/areas that the student will NOT have access to:
 (Desk, Laundry, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Offices, Garage, etc.)
Is the residence part of a functioning business? (ex: daycare, farm)
If Yes, describe [business and/or use] in the following Paragraph.
Clear selection
Describe Business.
What type of products are kept/manufactured/sold there?  Are there any dangerous chemicals used/stored on the premises?  etc.
Do any of the Residents have a Physical or Mental Disability?
If yes, please explain in the next paragraph.
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Describe Disability or Disabilities.
To determine potential risk or burden to the Host Family.
Dietary Considerations
Would you accept a Student who.....?  Select if "Yes".
Could you provide 3 meals a day if needed?
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Section B - Affiliations Community and Activities
Religious Affiliation:
What is your family’s religious affiliation/denomination/congregation?
How often do you attend religious services?
Do you expect the student to attend religious services with your family*?
*Students cannot be required to attend religious services. However, as part of the exchange, they are encouraged to experience this facet of U.S. culture at their discretion.
Would you feel comfortable hosting a student who attended services other than your own or did not attend religious services? Yes
Family Activities:
Language spoken in Home? *
Please describe activities and/or sports each family members participate in: (ex: Camping, Hiking, Dance, Crafts, Debate, Drama, Art, Music, Reading, Soccer, Baseball, Horseback riding, etc.)
Describe your expectations regarding the responsibilities and behavior of the student while in your home. (ex: Homework, Household chores, Curfew (school night and weekend),Smoking, Computer/Internet/E-Mail)
Identify those personal expenses expected to be covered by the student.
How did you learn about being a host family?
Section C - School and Comminity
High School Profile:
Local High School?
Approximate size of the school student body:
If known.
Approximate distance of school from the host family’s home:
In miles.
Approximately how far is it to the school?
When does school start?
School website?
If known!
How will the exchange student get to the school? *
Would special transportation be available for extracurricular activities after school, on weekends or in the evenings?
Clear selection
Which of the host family’s children, if any, presently attend this school?
If any.
If applicable, list sports/clubs/activities, if any, the host child(ren) participate(s) in at the school:
Does any member of your household work for the high school in a coaching/teaching/or administrative capacity? *
If so, what is their position? (Enter in the next question)
School Position?
Has any member of host family household had contact with a coach regarding the hosting of an exchange student with particular athletic ability?
If yes, please explain below.
Clear selection
Explain the nature of the contact!
If yes, please describe the contact and sport?  What was discussed? What was the outcome?
Community Profile:
In what type of community does the host family live (ex: Urban, Suburban, Rural, Farm, etc.)?
Population of community?
Nearest Major City (Distance and population):
If your city is not a major city.
Nearest Airport (Distance)?
City or town Web site?
If known.
Briefly describe your neighborhood and community:
What points of interest are near the area (parks, museums, historical sites)?
Areas in or near your neighborhood to be avoided?
Please list and tell why?
Section C - Preferences and Experiences
We would prefer to host a
Clear selection
Have any family members lived or traveled abroad?
Clear selection
If Yes, then where?
Have you hosted an exchange student before?
Clear selection
If Yes, then when?
For what exchange program?  Country?
Is the student you plan on hosting related to you or anyone in the house?
Clear selection
Will you be willing to host more than one exchange student in your home at the same time?
Clear selection
Does anyone residing in your home receive any kind of public assistance?
Clear selection
If Yes, please explain.
WIC, Social Security, Disability Payments, etc.
Any driving violations or accidents?
Other than parking tickets.
Clear selection
If Yes, please explain.
Has any member of your household ever been charged with a crime?
Also indicate dates(s) of crime(s) and in which country and state each took place.
Clear selection
If Yes, please explain!
Please list two personal references (including their addresses and phone numbers) Do Not use relatives. *
Name, Address, Relationship, Contact information (phone #)
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