Matsuricon 2017 Official Photoshoot List Signup Form
The 2017 Official Matsuricon Photoshoots is now CLOSED. Thanks to all that submitted their photoshoots. Please be knowledgeable of the area and of the rules and policies of the convention center. All photoshoots are run by attendees.

Update 6/1/2017- Submissions are now closed for 2017 Official Matsuricon Photoshoots! The official Matsuricon photoshoot schedule will be available online via PDF through the Matsuricon Official Photoshoot Facebook Group, the main convention official schedule, program guide booklet along with the mobile app. Thanks again and see you all at Matsuricon in August!

Matsuricon's Official Photoshoot Facebook Group- "We do have a Facebook page where you can find the complete list of rules, for everyone to stay organized and discuss their photoshoot times/days/locations etc."

For more information about Matsuricon in general-

If anyone has any questions please send all questions to Margaret at with "Matsuricon Official Phootshoots 2017 Questions" in the subject line. Thanks, this would be a great help me since I'm also an artist & photographer myself.

Margaret Tyler
Head of Photoshoots at Matsuricon
Official Photoshoot List Organizer 2008-2017

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